Rob's MTB Races and Training Rides in thar PMB Hills

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When I first took Bruce's bike out for a ride several years ago, I simply rode from Park View down to the McCarthy traffic lights and back again. I kept this up and eventually managed to do it in less than 18 minutes, a personal goal I had set for myself. Then I decided to accompany Bruce to the Karkloof Classic and enter the 20 km race. To get fit I started to ride route 1 a couple of times a week. Then last year I decided to do the 2011 Shova and completed my training my doing two laps of route 2 a couple of times and end with a three lap ride.

When I entered the Argus Cycle Tour, I thought I best use some additional routes to improve my stamina and climbing capability. The remaining routes are the result of that.

Unfortunately I now have to many paths and it is all rather confusing. Aplogies for that. I will probably redo the route maps such that each contains the map only shows the relevant path, and of course profile.

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Profiles of some 100 km races ridden

  1. Amashova Durban Classic 2011
  2. Cape Argus PicknPay 2012 Argus Cycle Tour - click on the route image to see an enlaged view!
  3. Nottingham Road - Himeville 100 - 15 April 2012 - Race Profile
  4. Tour Durban - 29 April 2012 - Select Road Race to see the Race Profile - my route clips: inland & coastal

100+ km races to be ridden

  1. Amashova Durban Classic 2012 - 14 October 2012
  2. Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge - 18 November 2012 - 2010 Route and Profile

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