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My Iconic PICPMB Cycle Rides

in the vicinity of Pietermarizburg,
Howick and the Natal Midlands


When I retired 10 years ago I started to ride Bruce's old mountain bike around the neighbourhood simply to get some exercise in the evenings. I then entered the Shova and extended my local rides to include several laps of a loop in the neighbourhood in order to train for the Shova. The longest ride I did was 45 kms. From my first Shova experience I took away a wonderful experience and a lesson about time on the saddle. To work on that time I took to riding various routes outside of the neighbourhood and entered other events that offered road closure over an interesting route. I also joined Burg Wheelers Cycling Club, admittedly to get the free kit and possibly even look the part. After I had ridden my third Argus, my wide Edith joined me for my weekend training rides.

After several years some of the weekend rides ridden by Edith and myself some have become iconic for us as they are not only great rides, but also along routes that take the rider through some wonderful countryside. Each underlined (yellow) link takes you to a page that briefly describes the ride, provides a route map and profile, a couple of pics showing what you might experience if you undertake the ride.

(Only two of the rides are described at present. I will work on the rest. Perhaps Burg Wheelers could consider something similar for the club web page. It could host suitably categorised road, MTB etc rides or routes that the club members consider to be iconic. Besides being of general interest, these would also be useful to those riders looking for new routes to ride.)

Our Iconic Rides

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a bicycle.

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