is in Golf Road in Pietermaritzburg

I must say that I am impressed with reincarnation of the Staff Club on the Pietermaritzburg Campus of UKZN. The meals I have had there thus far have been excellent and the prices have been very reasonable. There is however one thing that puzzles me about this club, and that is the email address it uses namely, This seems to suggest that UKZN only has one staff club.

I personally do not think that this is true. However it does fit in with the current model being used for academic structures at UKZN namely, single faculties and single schools across the numerous campuses that comprise UKZN. My email address at the bottom of the page fits this model. However if you looking for me for an "in the flesh meeting", so to speak", it would be a could idea to start on the Pietermaritzburg Campus of UKZN. I am also hoping the the lunch I have booked at the UKZN staff club is also being prepared on the Pietermaritzburg Campus of UKZN.