Snip Snap - A new card game invented for my Object Oriented Programming module (COMP200)

SnipSnap is played by three players with a joker-less deck of cards. The deck is shuffled and then the cards are dealt amongst the three players.

The players are designated as left, middle and right. Left plays first by placing a card from the top of his hand face up onto the table where all can see it. Middle then doses the same followed by right. These three cards form the basis of piles that each of the players will create. Once there are three piles players can compete for SNIP or SNAP.

If two piles are showing cards from the same suite, players may shout SNIP. The first player to do so wins the two matching piles and starts the next round of play. If the player makes a mistake, the two piles are then shared between the remaining two players.

If the three piles all either have black or red cards showing players may shout SNAP. The first player to do so wins all the cards in the three piles. If the player makes a mistake, the remaining two players share the cards in the three piles.

The first player to loose all his/her cards looses and has to pay a forfeit.

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Have fun!!