More on Quality - no chance of even half a chance

In my recent blog on "Quality" I mentioned the saga associated with trying to purchase a new computer for office use. It mainly dealt with the unbelievable tardiness associated with the purchasing (buying and financing) process. The actual specification, purchase requisitioning and subsequent local setup and delivery proceeded with out any problems. I ultimately ended up with a machine that I am not only able to work with in a productive manner, but also one that I really enjoy using. A vote of thanks is owed to the Specialist Computing Unit of the School of Computer Science in that regard.

Buoyed by the ultimate outcome of the purchase just referred to, I decided to purchase a second computer for use at home. Once again the purchasing (buying and financing) process has been abysmal. It is difficult to credit that the same process could be done so badly twice in one year. What is ultimately worse, is that I am confident that I am not the only individual to have experienced this sort of service.

Can it get worse? I honestly do not think so. Can we do better? I am sure we can and am lead to believe that processes are in place to improve the situation. Ultimately we have to do better as the real losers are not myself and the others affected in this manner, it is the students we teach, tomorrows leaders. The transition to our new democcracy has not been easy for them, they deserve a better deal. Of course some of them also need to work a lot harder. Hopefully those that I am teaching have now read Steven Zucker's article on Teaching at University Level.