A few weeks ago I spent three hours playing bowls in Alexandra Park. During that time, about seven Msunduzi municipal workers stood around doing absolutely no work. It was at first amusing, and the butt of several jokes. That soon faded leaving one feeling at a complete loss for words.

Motorists regularly drive around Pietermaritzburg holding a cellphone in one hand, and the steering wheel in the other. Motorist regularly flought other traffic regulations. The worst violation in my opinion, is the motorist who travels up the lane reserved for traffic intending to turn right, and then pushes back into the non-turning traffic at an advantageous position. Motorists continually disregard the traffic regulations whilst negotiating the Chatterton Road circle.

Currently in Town Bush Road there is regularly more air in the water supply than water. This, and the frequent electricity disruptions, must be further damaging the already poor public infrastructure, let alone the valves etc in the appliances in citizens homes.

When is this going to stop? Not until the affected citizens band together and march on the city hall. No need not scatter rubbish and break trees. Simply demand that the Mayor and City Manager come onto the street for an hour or two to answer questions. Then, before leaving, insist that the ugly barricade blocking citizen's access to the city hall be removed. After all, we live in a democracy, not a police state.