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Discovery's Vitality program messes with my brain

Blog 039 - 23 August 2013

Cascades Virgin Active Gym

A week ago I posted blog 38. It was entitled, "Discovery's Vitality program makes me sweat the small stuff". Well you will have gathered that this is still going on, except that they are now confusing me, hence the "Discovery's Vitality program messes with my brain". I could say that after the call that I received two days ago (Wednesday, 21 August 2013), and which I appreciated, I expected an email or second call to result from the conversation that took place. Neither have occurred.

Perhaps I am being a little hasty here. If I do not receive and email or phone call within a week, then I guess I could be annoyed. So why the follow up blog? Well I have received another email reminding me that I have to visit the gym at least one more time during August to ensure that I retain my membership. So what is wrong with that? Well I have to visit the gym 36 times during the running year. At the end of this month I am assuming that would be for the year starting September 2012 and ending August 2013.

Todate I have been to the gym 33 times during 2013. The last two visits did not score points, which somewhat suprised me. Either way, I need another 3 visits from the relevant period during 2012 in order to retain my membership. During that period I actually visited the gym 8 times. So I am confused. I simply cannot understand why I received the email reminder regarding my gym visits and my threatened membership. If you would like to see the documentation for these claims, I have include the following links that follow. Please be aware that they are PDF files and require a suitable viewer to be available.

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