Martians enjoy Mrs Miggins' ravishing pies!
Blog 023 - 17 August 2012


Life is often like this ... years ago I was driving from Pietermaritzburg to Durban to attend a meeting. As I approached Durban, someone sang a song on the radio entitled, Seize The Day. It turned out to be Carolyn Arends. I was so taken by the sentiment of the song at that moment, and her performance, that I decided to purchase the CD. I subsequently interrupted my return journey to purchase the CD.

A couple of days ago, it was a tune called, The Free Electric Band, being performed by Albert Hammond. That title I then bought from Nokia Music. As I work on an Apple iMac, you could be forgiven for wondering why I did not buy it from Apple's iMusic, but then Apple shun the South African music buying public. Must be because of the polecat "whiff" that still clings to the country since the "Apartheid Era". If anyone can come up with a sensible reason for why this is the case, I would love to hear it.

But I digress ... I am sure my wife, Edith, would love to listen to music while we sit (she works and I play) in front of our PC's in the evening. Unfortunately I cannot work with music in the background, so it is ashamedly, only when I am programming, or actually playing (never been a difference for me), that we get to listen to music under these circumstances.

Last night was different. I was playing with a new toy, a USB Video Conversion System. The video tape I decide to test the device with, was an old Blackadder tape. The tests went well enough. Seeing Blackadder again was, well, bewitching stuff.

So I was not surprised this morning, when I read the in the paper that Martians had visited the United Kingdom. They did so in order to beam up Mrs Miggins, and some of her ravishing pies. If you don't believe me, then take a closer look at the photograph. It was taken by an early riser, in the vicinity of Dundee in Scotland. Apparently by then, the Martians had dealt with the pies, and they were trying to beam Mrs Miggins down again. Unfortunately for the Martians, Mrs Miggins was familiar with the weather there, so she was having none of it. If you are not prepared to accept her opinion, check it out for yourself. Visit the University of Dundee's Weather Station on Weather UnderGround.


I now need to try and capture and convert a three hour wedding video. While that is taking place, I am going to visit the local mall. There I hope to purchase a Black Adder DVD, in order to catch up with Mrs Miggins again. If I also get to meet up with Baldrick again, it will be a bonus.

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