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The Three P's
Blog 017 - 25 June 2012

The Three P's

The Three P's

Sure we need the three R's. For those who have never known, or perhaps forgotten, that is Reading, wRititing and aRithmetic. Why is it that we are unable to achieve them? I would like to suggest that we are not able to do so, because we have not yet come close to mastering the three P's. That is Policing, Prosecution and Prison, all effected rigorously and equally. Of course nothing is ever easy, including getting the three P's right. So why not start with the small stuff, especially small stuff that enjoys a high visibility. In PMB, man a different city intersection / circle on Monday through to Saturday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and apply the Policing. Prosecution must follow in double quick time. The third P could be a softer Penalty (fine), rather than Prison.

If those who are not driving feel left out, why not do the same for littering. Litter Litigation has a nice ring to it. Those that govern us should not think this is beneath them, for there will never any real government for the people, by the people, until the people understand that there is a government, that there are actually being governed, and that their actions will have consequences. There will be three P's and if we get it right, they may end up representing Profit, Plenty and Prosperity for all the People of South Africa.

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