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Why I blog, or whatever it is that I am doing
Goodbye Telkom, Hello MWeb!!!

Blog 016 - 24 June 2012

Why I blog, or whatever it is that I am doing and Goodbye Telkom, Hello MWeb!!!

Why I blog, or whatever it is that I am doing

Whilst I worked at UKZN (UNP), I could never understand why the ICT section/division/whatever, felt they should be able to prescribe to Computer Science Academics, how they should set up and control their computing laboratories. I fought endlessly against this continuous effort on the part of ICT to not only try and prescribe to Computer Science Academics what computing infrastructure they need, but to then also want to control it as well. If you are struggling to understand the position I am adopting her, try and think of another Science Discipline at a University that has a non

When in a situation/issue that requires interaction with other human beings arises, adopting a position that is popular, never presents any problems, well at least not in the short term. Adopting a position that is not popular, well that is a different matter. In such cases, especially when I am struggling to accept that my position will not ultimately prevail, or if not, at least be seriously considered, I have found that writing about it helps. So I wrote letters restating my position regarding the issue, some were delivered, others not. When 'blogs' arrived on the scene, they seem like the perfect vehicle for the sort of writing I was doing. That lead to my blog at work at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and subsequently at home after retiring. If you are curious, visit my homepage and follow the links to my UKZN and PICPMB blogs.

Goodbye Telkom, Hello MWeb!!!

On Friday I went to the local Telkom office to arrange for the termination of my Telkom Internet access, but not Telkom email account. The wait was not long and the assistance great. Even prompted me to state that I was saddened by this move, but felt it was basically being forced upon me by Telkom's inability to rapidly react to changing markets. Basically Telkom increased the speed of the line, but not the amount I could down/up-load per month. So I could travel faster, but ran out of road and had to pay extra. I am sure Telkom will double the road-network in due course, but this time I will be gone.

When the assistant agreed with my point of view, I thought I would offer some more sage advice. Telkom is struggling. Admittedly they are trying, they will soon bundle their fixed and mobile telephone offerings. Presumably better deals and one account. Excellent! However I feel they could really make inroads into the mobile market if they provide contracts that allowed they customer to choose the nature of the contract, monthly/pre-paid and for what amount, the phone, the billing method (per second/minute), the payment method, data and how much and the list could go on. Let the customer choose, work out the price and adjust where necessary. The assistant thought that was also a good idea.

So this morning I pick up the Sunday Times and that is almost exactly what Cell-C are introducing. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I would like to think that I had influenced them. Probably not, but there may still be time for me to influence Telkom.

Wake-up Telkom! I was not lying when I said I am saddened by having to jump ship. I would like Telkom to succeed and I am sure I am not alone. If it does not do so soon, I may also have to dump my Telkom shares as my R1000 token investment, is not what it used to be.

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