What should I do?

What should I do?
or is it ...
Ma, I dunno what to do!
Blog 011 - 1 June 2012

What should I do?

For the first time since retiring two and a half years ago, I cannot quite decide what to do with myself. Up until now it has been pretty hectic, and most enjoyable. For the first one and a half years I continued to do some part-time teaching at UKZN, and they obviously took up some of my time. It also provide extra cash and so what was left over (of the time that is), I spent (the cash that is) in a most effective and enjoyable manner. Well a year has since past, and I need to now stop the squandering, as the extra cash stopped coming in. The other reason for the extra time on my hands, is that the grass has stopped growing. Of course the leaves are falling, but raking them up does not require half as much effort, as cutting the grass in the garden and on the verge down the road.

Finding something to do is also not made any easier by the fact that I have completed the computer projects that I have wanted to tackle that have been based on existing knowledge and skills. The next project requires some reading, quite a lot of reading actually, and I do not really have the appetite for this reading. Once I have read the Witness, usually by 7:30 AM, I am not interested in reading anything else, possibly with the exception of the Times, when I get back from walking the dogs.

This reading thing, or the lack thereof, really is a problem for several reasons. The first is that I need to do it to tackle the next computer project. The second is that I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas, and all I have done with it so far is set it up, tweaked the set-up, and read a couple of Computing Journals. The books I bought for this elusive computer project, well I have read, but not that much I am afraid. Thirdly, I have over the past ten years bought a number of books that I should now be reading. Unfortunately they are all languishing somewhere and I would probably have to sort them out before I even started to tackle that lot. It is a somewhat ironic that one of them is titled, "A brief history of Time?". I suspect the not so brief history is also there.

So, what should I do?

Well I am still gardening and looking after the grand children, and I enjoy both of these activities. I play a bit of bowls, but am not sure that I will continue that endeavour. What I do really enjoy is cycling, and it takes up quite a bit of my free time. So, this morning when I said to my better half, "What should I do", she said, "Go for a ride". That is probably what I will do. Perhaps I should pack a bag and head for Cairo, well at least until I can think of something to do.

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